31st August 2018

Frankenstein study

The moral obligation of being human

The moral obligation of being human = right and wrong, ethics we should follow/obey

moral – a set of personal and collective beliefs

Victor ignores his morals to create the creature

Dead should be respected


Social exclusion if you act in a way that is perceived to be immoral.

The Power of knowledge: Knowledge can be powerful, Knowledge can be addictive like a drug, Those who are seen to be educated often hold positions of power, 

Creation of creature, creature learns about world > realises place in it > uses his power

Walton’s desire to discover the undiscovered. 

The danger of prejudice: (any social discrimination), Judgement before knowing someone/something, Eventually, people believe/live up to what people think of them, Creature, as more people react negatively to him, he begins to act how they see him, cliche saying of don’t judge a book by its cover.

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