16th August 2018

Third Reading Log

Movie: Edward Scissorhands

“People are afraid of me because I am different” This quote comes from the movie “Edward Scissorhands” directed by Tim Burton. This movie was published in 1990 and is a Drama/Fantasy movie with many aspects of a gothic movie. This movie is about a man who has been created by a very clever scientist but before he is complete the scientist dies. This leaves his creation (Edward Scissorhands) alone and incomplete with no knowledge of the outside world outside the mansion he was left in. I will discuss the elements of tone/mood that Tim Burton has created in this movie, and what emotions this gives off, and also about the Gothic Protagonist. A gothic Protagonist is the main character of a story or main actor in a movie. They are sometimes called the gothic hero but we don’t usually call them a gothic hero in gothic fiction. There are six main traits that are associated with a Gothic Protagonist. Their qualities are: has distinct contrasting qualities to their character, Usually of a high social rank or holds a position of power. Often surrounded by devices the foreshadow something negative. Driven by strong emotions rather than logic or reason. Generally secretive or surrounded by an air of mystery. Has a “need to know” or curious nature. I will be talking about some of these traits and also about how the gothic protagonist’s costume and makeup, as well as setting, helps to give us a better understanding of who Edward really is.

The Gothic Protagonist in this film is Edward. Edward looks like a normal human being except for his hands. He was created by a very smart inventor but before his creation was finished the creator died and left Edward with no knowledge of anything outside of the dark mansion that he was left in. He was left with scissors for hands. His appearance is quite a shocker to the average human. He has scars all over his face where he has cut himself because of his hands. He states that he is “not complete” and he is “not finished” which indicated to us that he thinks he is just an object and not a human. He doesn’t believe that he can go outside because he will be hated on and judged for being different which is in fact what happened later on in the movie. His appearance is also quite dark and depressing. Everything about his appearance would indicate that he is sad and alone. The clothes he wears are dark and depressing. He only wears black clothes that his inventor left him with. The colour black usually symbolises the unknown and mystery which is also what I would associate with Edward. He is a very mysterious being who lurks in the shadows of his house. I think he does this because he is scared. He is scared of the outside world and scared of anyone seeing him.

Edwards mansion is an eyesore. It looks down on a town and is known as the black mansion as it is completely black and stands out from all the other houses which have colour. The colour black can also represent death and evil which could mean that some very dark and perverted things have occurred here. This could tell us that Edwards past was very dark and grim.

The colour black could also signify the supernatural.

Could be supernatural. Use more evidence to get a good mark.


“I am not complete, I am not finished.”

* Lead with something attention-grabbing.
* State the name of the text, the creator and what type of text it is.
* Give a brief outline of the plot.
* Identify the elements you will discuss.
Main Body:
* Explain your chosen element
* Describe how the creator uses the element with evidence form the text ie. language features
* Analyse your reaction to the element
How/why do you think you reacted
What way? Experiences? Traditional response? Creator’s intention?
–You are not limited to how many elements you respond to–
* Friendly Hint – Include 2 pieces of analysed evidence
* Summary statements
* Parting thoughts about the text/ element discussed

Note the traits of a gothic protagonist where copied and pasted from our English blogs.

Edward Scissorhands Analysis

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  1. Increase your own response to the film. Consider what it makes you think/feel/relate to. Do you think these are things that the director wants you to think/feel/relate to? Are they “normal” reactions to gothic fiction?

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